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At this time of year we all spend a fortune and you have to question is it really necessary? Tons of food ends up in landfill, many presents are forgotten by Boxing Day or at best get recycled in a summer fete or to unsuspecting culprits next Christmas.

The stress that seems to encompass some individuals is not good for blood pressure or longevity. Like many things in life today we are encouraged to seek the perfect Christmas and told exactly how this should be accomplished. This advice should be avoided at all cost.

Personally we have kicked this trend by moving closer to the Danish idea of Hygge - being cosy and a sense of wellbeing. As this seems to be an “On Trend” subject at present we would like to state that our version of this is simply born out of life’s ups and downs, living longer and having experience.

There is simply no point in doing things that you don’t want to do or getting stressed because the supermarket has a long queue and no milk. A button falls off or the pudding is burnt – so what! Simply look at the positives and push the negatives behind you.

We are not visiting relatives and not having sprouts this Christmas. A leisurely start to the day, a meal at any time it happens, roast goose, fine wine, a log fire, two devoted cats and maybe a film. Anything we have forgotten is forgotten. Christmas is not stressful, people make stress and drama because they read, view and listen to the press. Treat it like any other day and you will be surprised how enjoyable it can be.

Rushing out to the sales on Boxing Day will not bring you happiness or change your life. I listened to someone say we never really know when we are happy so do not enjoy it. We just moan like mad when we are sad. Don’t fret about what you have not got but make the very most of what you have today. It is only all to easy to fret your life away and you only have the one life, so spend more time enjoying the moment.

Never regret the things you have not done but marvel in the great things you have achieved. For years the Scandinavians have been viewed as the happiest people in the world. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of their book and learn more about Hygge.

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