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I will not be confounded by the polarised views spouted by our Politicians’ on almost every subject.

I will not rant against wealthy politicians who believe they know what is best for all, whilst they manage Investment Funds live in Chelsea and holiday in Gstaad, St Barts and the Hamptons.

I will stay calm when my bank/telecoms supplier/HMRC call centre takes over thirty minutes to answer the phone or has options that lead me down a route that arrives back where I started.

I will no longer expect service from most retailers where self-service and self-payment tills now seem to be the only option. I will not eat or drink any of the bad things when they are labelled bad as I know within a few days there will be another study encouraging me to eat and drink them.

I will no longer be angry at how much of the press, distort the stories and the truth to make headlines drama and confrontation where none need exist.

I will no longer be a he or a she as Ze is the new political correct address although in some circles my beard will be seen as a strong pointer. I have also decided not to age any further.

My body shows signs of long term wear but I propose to remain at the age I feel. (Today around 35). The exception to the above rule is collecting my pension which I will still do in December.

I will try to see the world and myself as others see me, and only point out their mistakes to those who are wrong! Most importantly I will encourage others to read, listen, enjoy music, imagine, seek out new experiences, try new food and talk to strangers.

This really would solve most of the world’s problems. PS - It’s the 8th of January and at least I tried. My mistake was reading the news and trying to contact my bank. Better luck next year.

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