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  • The obvious one is 'Does this make my bum look big?' -  Only if it is big to start with, I have always wanted to reply.
  • From a phone customer that we had never met – 'Will a large fit my husband?'
  • Again on the phone 'I have no idea where I am so can you tell me how to get to the Land Rover Experience?'
  • From the same customer when asked to describe what surrounds them 'Just fields, am I near?
  • At a show 'My wife is a vegetarian, will she be able to wear this tee shirt?'
  • Overheard at Billing , 'Why is everything here Land Rover?'
  • Again at Billing 'Who buys all this Land Rover stuff?'
  • 'Will my daughters shrink in the wash?' I think the lady was asking about her daughter’s Tee Shirt but I could not stop myself replying 'Not if you let them run around outside afterwards'. The strange thing is the woman paused, thought about it and just went out of the tent.
  • 'What colour would you call that green fleece?' - Peterborough show
  • 'Was this used in the war?' pointing at my Series 1 with a sign that said made in 1948 on the windscreen.
  • 'Do you sell the things in this shop?' Eastnor Show

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