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I needed to buy some locks - within the lock world quite a specialist but simple purchase.

My first port of call was a local guy who we had used before. He was very slow first time round but, if possible, I like to give our business to local people. The phone call did not go quite as well as I had hoped as he kept repeating himself and asking me the same questions over and over again. Now I should add that he is a young guy - not my mother’s age (I do excuse these traits in her at 95 years old). I am old enough to be his father, so if I can remember something said 30 seconds previously I do not think I am being too unkind to expect him to concentrate.

The order total was for a fairly large amount of money. He said he would get them straight away. He sent me an email to say he had them. I phoned to say great and I would pay him as soon as he delivered them just like last time.

Four weeks passed and nothing arrived. By now this lack of service for what I considered a reasonable order was annoying me. I sent an email saying please could he deliver by the following Friday or consider the order cancelled and please let me know what he was going to do. Unsurprisingly we did not hear from him and the locks did not arrive.

We moved on. Like many things my usual first port of call is an internet search for anything we need  - so locks went into Google. After searching many companies I picked one, phoned them and sought some technical guidance (which was good). Based on this I asked to place an order. We were immediately told that this person could not take an order and I would have to phone back. This struck me as a strange attitude as I wanted to spend money.

I wanted to conclude the purchase at that moment not add it to my list of jobs to do. So, I moved onto Company number 2 selected from the web. This company proudly boasted by recorded message that they were one of the UK’s leading lock suppliers and had 15 years experience in the business. This happened to be a call line that charged not a free phone. The message droned on repetitively on a short loop. After ten minutes my patience wore thin so I hung up.

The next lock company I dialled on a free phone number and they answered the phone immediately and a very helpful young lady sold me the locks I needed very quickly and professionally and I paid with a credit card. Total transaction time 3 to 4 minutes.

I therefore proudly say two things: -

Lock Industry wake your ideas up! - do you understand the value of customers and service? I would love to be in the management meetings of those first few companies when they discuss sales budgets.  Someone once said 'The Customer is King' - a few retailers should revisit this point.

My second proclamation is 'Well Done Emma!' at - they deserve their customers!

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