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These are my ideas for a North American trip. We are all different so why not start your own list? Most importantly once you have the list  - make it happen!

White Water Rafting
Stay in a log Bunk House
See North American Bison in the wild
Visit a Rodeo
View some North American Indian cave drawings
Ride an American Quarter Horse on a mountain trail
Paddle a canoe or raft down a great Canyon
Find a Ghost Town
Camp without a tent under the stars
Ride a Bull – no I am only kidding
Hike an Indian Trail
Sleep in a wigwam
Wear a Cowboy hat
Bacon and Beans cooked over a fire pit
Travel the highest road in America
Mush a Husky team
Share experiences with fellow travellers
Catch wild trout for supper
Most importantly, leave no trace but have great stories to tell.....

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