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Frost River

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Frost River - Sojourn Skinny Pack

Product code:  BAC0539
“So-journ noun / soh-jurn: a period of time when you stay in a place as a traveller or guest”.

Frost River - Mini Knapsack

Product code:  BAC0330
This bag works well for children and the young at heart who just want a 'Little bag to carry'.

Frost River - Itinerant Day Pack

Product code:  BAC0292
A wanderer does not need to live in Middle Earth to appreciate durability. This day pack made from Frost River’s signature waxed cotton canvas or 'Tin Cloth' will probably out last most of us. It’s at home on great adventures but a full size laptop slips easily into the main compartment. There are internal compartments to keep up with modern life but the materials are classic, tough cotton and heavy leather made to exacting standards in their Duluth craft shop just like they always have been. Fe...

Frost River - Summit Pack

Product code:  BAC0184
Not so long ago a bag similar to this would have been used by every European budding mountaineer. If your desire is “a wandering with a knapsack on your back” and then striking out for the summit this is the bag for you. Design pretty much unchanged for over 150 years, this is a classic bag made in the classic way. Features include: -

Frost River - Knapsack

Product code:  BAC0182
Almost the perfect day pack as seen in old Victorian prints when plant and specimen collecting was all the rage and Alpine walks were the height of fashion. Inside is a security pocket ideal for map and compass or today’s cell phone and i-Pod™. If you look in our Friends section you will see a little more about where these bags are made, why they were made and who makes them. We look worldwide for good products that have evolved to meet a need. The Frost River story is worth reading. Features...

Frost River - Vintage Pack

Product code:  BAC0181
If you live the dream, just stuff things in a bag and head out into the outdoors, then this is the bag for you. Made to the same exacting standards as all Frost River bags this design is taken from an original and very old river bag. The materials, workmanship and style are just about the same as they always were. On all such bags price is long forgotten as quality endures. This is one of the best handcrafted items you will find. If you look in our Friends section you will see a little more ab...

Frost River - Lip Balm

Product code:  AME0938
Everyone needs it. Why not use Frost River brand lip balm? It's made in USA from aloe oil to naturally moisturize and protect lips. Carries an SPF 15 and as you can see, is Frost River branded. Cheers to lip care!

Frost River - Leather Cream

Product code:  AME0922
Keep your leather straps and trim in tip top shape with our "Handmade in the USA" Leather Cream! A life in the outdoors and on the road often tends to dry out the leather on a hard working bag, this leather conditioner is available to help. It's a nice blend that is not too greasy, but more of a protective wax or balm. It does not make our leather more supple and stretchy, but rather protect and keep it healthy.

Frost River - Canvas Cleaner

Product code:  AME0921
While the waxed canvas used in Frost River packs and bags is made to be outdoors - picking up the dirt, debris, soot, and char (all the good stuff we fondly refer to as patina) that comes along with life off the beaten path is not everyone’s cup of tea. We hear from some customers who want to keep their bag fresh, clean and patina free.

Frost River - Field Deck of Cards

Product code:  AME0785
Infuse a bit of reliability into your next hand when you use our Frost River Field Deck for a card game. It won't matter what you're playing, there'll no bad hands when you're holding images of Duluth's finest waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories.

Frost River - Cribbage Board

Product code:  AME0406
One of the greatest playgrounds for canoes is North America bridging the USA and Canadian borders. The Frost River is up there with the best and the world famous canoe packs that take their name from this great waterway are still made in Duluth by traditional methods.

Frost River - Martexin Wax Canvas Conditioner

Product code:  AME0309
This Martexin original wax product helps out Frost River bags when they have spent months or years on the trail. The bags are impregnated with a paraffin formula that makes the fabric waterproof yet breathable. This product is offered so that you can reapply to areas of rough wear. It is not necessary to use this as an extra treatment to new items.