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Mar 3

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I went into Monmouth last week where they have a superb little theatre and cinema called The Savoy.

The occasion was an impulse when I heard that Henry Blofeld (of Test Match Special fame) was to speak about his life. It was a most enjoyable evening as he went from one story to the next with great clarity and timing. He is clearly a very accomplished speaker, very funny to boot and not just about cricket.

I was not aware that, to quote him, 'I was born with a very large silver spoon in my mouth'.  He has a very privileged background and has rolled from lunch with Ian Fleming to drinks with HM The Queen Mum and dinner with Noel Coward. Those of you knowledgeable on Ian Fleming and his alter ego Mr James Bond will be pleased to know that it was this very Blofeld family that gave their name to Ernst Stavro Blofeld  - the arch villain and Bond’s rival.

The whole episode set me thinking of a raconteur who could deliver an evening’s entertainment at a Land Rover Show. No easy task when you look at the diversity of the attendees! For too long there has been no imagination from Show Organisers and the same old formats are rolled out. So let me hear your suggestions as to what would make good entertainment for a summer show. Now for decency sake I must add the rider that it needs to be family friendly.

My starter for ten is a number of things rather than the traditional loud band and beer tent. I find I want to talk with friends and a number of small sets with breaks in between works for me. There is no doubt that Henry Blofeld would go down well because of the infectious laughter he generates. I am also a fan of acoustic sets with a good vocalist.

So what are your thoughts? Please email me with your ideas to products@pmlgb.com